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White Yarrow Seed

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White Yarrow is a beautiful addition to a flowering lawn if you are okay with letting it grow at about one foot tall. It is highly attractive to pollinators. If you are planning on mowing your Flawn at about 4-6" the yarrow will survive but not flower. It is best for low traffic areas that are mowed only few times per year and left to grow taller. Grows great in poor sandy well drained soils.

Seeding Information:
White Yarrow is very easy to establish and can be seeded in spring, summer, or fall, or dormant seeded in late fall when the ground is frozen or over a fresh snow throughout winter. If seeding in spring, wait until ground thaws and soil temperatures are around 55 degrees (Late April to early May for upper mid-west states). Our seeding rates are designed to be over-seeded into existing grass lawn areas (0.14 oz/1,000 sq. ft.). Increase seeding rate or order a larger size for thin lawns or bare soil areas.


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