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Self-Heal Seed

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Self-Heal is native to North America and grows best in part shade to full sun in silt, clay or loam soils.

Pink flowers about 2.5-4" tall bloom from June to August adding a summer nectar source for friendly pollinators.

Seeding Information:
Self-Heal is easy to establish and can be seeded in spring, summer, or fall or dormant seeded in late fall when the ground is frozen or over a fresh snow throughout winter. If seeding in spring, wait until ground thaws and soil temperatures are around 55 degrees (Late April to early May for upper mid-west states). Our seeding rates are designed to be over-seeded into existing grass lawn areas (0.5 oz/1,000 sq. ft.). Increase seeding rate or order a larger Flawn Seed Kit for thin lawns or bare soil areas.



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