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Dutch White Clover Seed

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Dutch White Clover grows in full sun to shade in sandy to loam to clay soils. It fixes atmospheric nitrogen into the soil reducing fertilizer needs to seldom or none. An essential part of any flowering lawn, Dutch White Clover has broad leaves which make your lawn drought tolerant by shading the ground and keeping it cool and moist preventing your grass from dying in mid-summer heat waves. It also acts as a natural weed preventer by crowding out seedlings and preventing them from receiving sunlight. If you would prefer a smaller leaved plant with less flowers that still provides the nitrogen fixing benefits of clover check out Micro-Clover.

Dutch White Clover has white with some pink flowers about 2.5-4" tall and bloom from April to October creating a vital nectar and pollen source for our friendly pollinators. The spring bloom will turn brown and crunchy in the heat of mid-summer. Simply mow those flower heads off and new blooms will push out in early autumn as temperatures begin to come down from summer.

Seeding Information:
Dutch White Clover is very easy to establish and can be seeded in spring, summer, or fall or dormant seeded in late fall when the ground is frozen or over a fresh snow throughout winter. If seeding in spring, wait until ground thaws and soil temperatures are around 55 degrees (Late April to early May for upper mid-west states). Our seeding rates are designed to be over-seeded into existing grass lawn areas (1.1 oz/1,000 sq. ft.). Increase seeding rate or order a larger Flawn Seed Kit for thin lawns or bare soil areas.

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