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Baby Blue Eyes Seed (Annual)

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Baby Blue Eyes is low-growing (about 6" tall) and will add brilliant blue spring color to your Flawn. This flower can be planted in an area that receives full sun to partial shade. Baby Blue Eyes does well in sandy, gritty soils and has some drought tolerance. It is a beneficial source of pollen and nectar for bats, bees, beneficial insects and birds. Native to California and Oregon.

Seeding Information:

Can be dormant seeded in late fall when the ground is frozen or over a fresh snow throughout winter. If seeding in spring, wait until soil temperatures are around 60 degrees (Early to mid-May for upper mid-west states). Our seeding rates are designed to be over-seeded into existing grass lawn areas (.37 oz/1,000 sq. ft.).

Seed Saving:

Get more for your money by saving the seeds each year that are produced by your Baby Blue Eyes flowers. With extreme summer heat the flowers will turn brown and dry up but you can still cut off the seed heads and dry them in a paper bag. You can save the seeds and plant for another year of beautiful blue flowers.

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