Flawn Seed Kits contain a variety of low growing wildflower seeds that grow anywhere in the U.S. in any soil or light condition and produce white, pink, and purple flowers from May to October year after year.

Flawn Seed Kits are designed to grow well in full sun to shade, in sandy, silty, loamy, or clay soils even if they are acidic.

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There's no need to remove your grass!

Simply mow short and spread seed by hand.

Save an average of $1,700 per year on lawn maintenance costs!

Cost Comparison

Hiring a professional lawn care company to just fertilize, control weeds, and aerate a lawn averages $1,700 per year. Hiring someone to mow your lawn on a regular basis can add thousands more!

Hiring a professional to renovate your grass lawn to a flowering lawn can involve heavy equipment, pesticides and cost thousands! You can transform your own lawn into a flowering lawn for as little as $149 with Flawn Seed Kits.

How to Install Your Flawn

It’s super easy! If it’s spring summer or fall, simply mow your lawn as short as possible, then hand spread Flawn Seed throughout your lawn. If it’s winter, simply spread Flawn Seed over a  fresh snowfall on a calm day.

Fully Sustainable Lawn Solution

100% compostable packaging

Reduce mowing, watering, and fertilizer up to 100%

Reduces the carbon footprint of your property

Reduces storm water runoff and filters toxins

Improves soil health and environment

Supports friendly pollinators

Drought tolerant

What does a Flawn look like?

Lawns can look different depending on how often and at what height they are mowed as well as what varieties you decide to add to your Flawn.

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